3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Happiness

increase your happiness


With so much not so happy things happening in the world today it’s easy for these things to get the best of us stealing our happiness and leaving us feeling discouraged, depressed, negative, and just not enjoying life to it’s full potential.

Here are 3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Happiness so you can start to enjoy everyday more and more.

1) Practice GRATITUDE on a daily basis. Say thank you. Keep a daily journal and write all the things you are thankful for everyday. By doing this you will begin to change the way your mind sees things, and the world, bringing you more happiness.

“Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter whats going on outside of us, there’s always something we could be grateful for.”

Barry Neil Kaufman

2) Live in the moment. Cherish the moment. SAVOR the experiences you have. Instead of rushing or allowing your mind to run wild and distract you, FEEL the wind, the sun, the sand under your feet, the tea you are drinking. Practice ENJOYING what you have right in front of you to the fullest.

“I shut my eyes tight, trying to savor the moment. I knew I would wish for that moment back every day of my life, so I lived it with everything I had.”

Jamie Mcguire

3) LOVE what you do. Find your PURPOSE, your passion, your meaning. With every job or work is the opportunity to bring VALUE to the world. Have goals, dreams and create a mission so you can find joy in what you do everyday. Never settle. Keep learning and striving for growth. Follow your heart!

“Your Life has purpose. Your Story is important. Your Dreams count. Your Voice matters. You were born to make an Impact.”

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-Daniel Dow

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