BE The Person You Want To Be

In this video below I share with you a valuable lesson I learned from a friend and mentor. When I heard this, it really stuck out to me and I felt the need to take action on it and share it with you. It really just makes a lot of sense…

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” ― Stephan Richards 

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4 thoughts on “BE The Person You Want To Be

  1. Daniel Dow says:

    Hi Ibukun, thank you! That really means a lot 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and watching my vid!

  2. Where I come from, we have a saying – GBAM!
    It means the person has said what needed to be said in such a way that there is nothing more for me to add.
    So, Gbam! Daniel.

  3. Daniel Dow says:

    Wow,Kimberly, thank you! That really means a lot! 🙂 You are absolutely right and hit in on the nose. I couldn’t of said it better… once we realize, become conscious and take responsibility for ourselves — our attitude, thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions — we suddenly have a beautiful power and strength to create what we want 🙂 I love it. Thank you soo much for watching my video and leaving your wonderful comment, really means a lot. 🙂 I hope your 2014 is better than ever and brings great things to you! 😉

  4. I love this and completely agree with that Philosophy. It’s definitely best, in my opinion, to start with our inner selves and not look to external factors first. When we make the conscious choice to BE a certain way, other things with start falling into place that are consistent with that because we will be making choices that help us get what we desire and attract things that are consistent with how we are inside. Thank You for sharing! I love your whole blog! It’s so uplifting, inspirational, and motivational. I love meeting people who actively take part in personal development and have valuable lessons and things to share. I think too many people have somewhat of a “victim” or “helpless” mentality and don’t realize that we have the power within to be who we want to be and have what we want as long as we make conscious choices, take responsibility, and form positive habits. We can’t always control what happens to us and what others do but we CAN choose our reactions, thoughts, and attitude! It takes some practice and it must be intentionally applied frequently, to be very effective but it’s well worth it! 😀

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