Bob Proctor Gratitude – Mental Adjustment and Attunement

Was just listening to Bob Proctor as he was talking about how when we are having challenges, stress and problems repeat this quote…

“The whole process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word – and that word is GRATITUDE.”

be grateful

When we are overwhelmed with problems – instead of focusing on the problem, FOCUS on the SOLUTION. What we focus on grows…

Think about all the things you have to be GRATEFUL for and you will begin to feel better 🙂

Watch the video here:

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Daniel Dow

2 thoughts on “Bob Proctor Gratitude – Mental Adjustment and Attunement

  1. Daniel Dow says:

    Hi Inspiration Pilot, you are absolutely right! It’s our dominating thoughts, feelings, and overall vibration that essentially attracts and creates our reality. Expressing our Gratitude is an amazing way to turn negative into good and tune our vibration!

    Thank for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your site looks great btw! 🙂

  2. And as you begin to feel better, you will attract the things you want..I love that video. In Bob’s teachings, attitude of gratitude is an important part. This particular video is also in his Six Minutes To Success.

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