Continuous Learning is Key to Your Business Success

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 There are countless opportunities for you to find or create a new  business, and most of them lie right under you own feet. How do you  develop the ability to follow the leaders, and to find opportunities  that you can take advantage of to get rich in America? There are  several steps you can take.

 Gather Information Through Continuous Learning

 First, begin to gather information through continuous learning.  Subscribe to all the magazines and trade journals in that field. Send  away for the promotional literature of companies and study it, compare it and analyze it. Talk to employees, customers and other business people about the industry leaders, and the rising companies in your area of interest to develop your successful business.

Attend seminars put on by experts in your chosen field. Ask these experts questions at the breaks. Ask them for advice and recommendations for what to do and what to read. Begin to assemble a body of information on your chosen field, and then go over it again and again. Become an expert through continuous learning. Expert power is very valuable and essential to business success.

See Yourself As Already Successful

Begin to visualize yourself as a success in that business. Create a clear mental picture of how you would look, walk, dress, talk, act and live as the success you intend to be in the future. Combine your visualization with action. Do something positive and constructive every day that moves you toward your goal of business success.

Psychologists have discovered that you can act your way into believing in your ability to succeed by pretending that you are already the success that you want to be. The more you walk, talk and act like a success, the more you will feel it and believe it, and the faster it will become a part of your personality.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Look for money-making opportunities everywhere. Opportunities exist in almost every job. For example, Jerry Gordon began as a cook in a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. He saw a need for a motor-driven flour sifter because they were sifting flour it by hand. He began to build them in his garage in his spare time.

Within a year, he was able to sell 12 of these flour sifters to Colonel Sanders. Sanders was so impressed that he loaned him $10,000 to start his own business. Jerry Gordon went on to become a millionaire manufacturing food processing equipment to save time and money for fast food businesses.

Business Success: Learn By Trial and Error

In every field of human endeavor, you learn to succeed by trial and error. You gradually build up a reservoir of experience that enables you to make more right decisions than wrong ones. You can speed up the necessary learning process by carefully observing other successful business people, and by copying the very best they have to offer.

You have the ability to achieve financial success in any one of many different areas. At the moment, you may not have an idea of which one is best for you. But the fastest way for you to become a financial success is to make a lifelong habit of continuous learning and studying the leaders in your field, of learning every possible detail of the business you are interested in, and then by staying on top of it all the time.

Sometime in the future, people will study you and your successful business methods to learn how to become wealthy. In the meantime, continue to learn and grow every day, profiting from the experiences of others and saving yourself countless dollars and many years. And remember, don’t lose money!

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  1. Daniel Dow says:

    Thank you! You are absolutely right, we should be continuously learning, stretching, and growing. Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment, I appreciate it! 🙂 Stay happy, healthy, and wealthy friend.

  2. Nice post! Excellent points! T. Harv Eker said if we’re not growing, we’re dying. Stay wealthy!

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