‘Dark Side Of The Lens’ | The Love of Photography, Surfing, Our Majestic Planet and Life

Here is a short film, Dark Side Of The Lens’, filmed and directed by Mikey Smith.

As a Surfer, Waterman, and Ocean Enthusiast I really found this video to be brilliant, captivating, and inspiring. It puts the passion in life, gives it meaning, and really opens the mind.

This provokes one to enjoy life, the beautiful creations we are blessed with,  the possibilities of adventure,  and the majestic nature of living. 

dark side of the lens

It’s really not about being rich or famous…

It’s about following your passions, your dreams, what gets you excited, what makes you feel good, your intuition, your instinct, your heart… Do what gives your life meaning and purpose…

Do what you love! 🙂 Be inspired, enjoy this amazing footage about the love of photography, surfing, our majestic planet and life…

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