Dive Into Your Fears

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Ready to Dive Into Your Fears?

I saw this photo and it has inspired me to write this blog post, something valuable I hope I can leave you with. 🙂

In life we have choices. Our thoughts, beliefs, desires, wants, and needs affect our choices. Most of the time a lot of people will deny themselves the opportunity to make their dreams happen, or go for something they have always wanted. That’s because most of us are in our own way.

This is something I am working on right now and it takes courage, practice, faith, and a belief in ourselves. Our limiting thoughts and beliefs are what sabotage our hopes, dreams, and desires. Why is that? Why are we so bound to what our most inner-thoughts are telling us? Why is it that we believe most of the things we tell ourselves?

You see, it is our own minds that have created the reality and life we are living today. Everything our sub-conscious minds have allowed us to believe (or prevented us from believing) has shaped our today’s. We need to take full responsibility for our circumstances and situations, instead of pointing fingers, blaming others, and meanwhile expecting something to change.

You see, change starts from within and manifests itself into our outside world. Change begins with your inner-YOU; your mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. That then reflects directly into our choices which shape our reality. Once you take responsibility for your inner-you and have this shift within your mind, you start to take control over your life and actions = producing better and desired results

Once you can understand this, you will then experience a shift in your life which will allow you to think bigger, better, and focus more on what you really want and desire; your dreams. I want you to know that you deserve to live the life of your dreams! You deserve to live a life full of love, joy, peace, health, wealth, abundance, and whatever your beautiful heart can dream of.

Start taking control of your mind and shift from a poverty-victim-fear mindset and start thinking in a positive-abundance-wealth-prosperity-generous-faithful mindset. This will facilitate the opportunity you want and attract everything you need (and more) to create the life you want.

“The fear of making a decision is the result of fearing to make a mistake – the truth is, the fear of mistakes has a greater impact on you than making the mistakes.” – Bob Proctor

Don’t give up on your dreams! It’s never too late to change for the better and recognize your value and worth. You deserve the best. Let go of fear. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of what others think, the fear of not being good enough.

Dive right into the thing you fear the most and break right through it! Don’t let your dreams be shattered, shatter your fears so you can live your dreams! You owe it to yourself. Give it everything you’ve got. Just do it. Just decide right now that you aren’t giving up and you are going to fight for your dreams! 

Like I mentioned earlier it takes courage, strength, faith, and belief in yourself. This is a work in progress. No one said it was gonna be easy (I’m sure not) but it will be well worth it! Let’s do this together. You have, right now, everything you need and a support group beyond your knowledge. You can do this. I believe in you

Here is a daily mantra I say everyday:

“Try your best, love yourself, don’t take anything personally, and dive into your fears!” – me

Thanks so much for reading. If you enjoyed this post please leave your comments below I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Take care for now. Appreciate you.

-Daniel Dow

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  1. Daniel Dow says:

    Hey Laur, thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoy 🙂

  2. Hi! Fear is powerful, but making choices, understanding consequences, pushing oneself – all these are powerful too. Enjoying reading your posts, and thanks for visiting my blog. Best to you, Laur

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