“The power of positive thinking” : Jwaydan & Daniel Live google hangout


Two friends from across the world – Jwaydan from England, and Daniel from California, talk about Life and share philosophies on Success, having a Vision, Goals, fighting for your Dreams, Passion, Laws of Attraction and what it takes to Manifest your desires.

My friend Jwaydan hit me up on Facebook asking to do a short interview, ask a few questions and record it as a google hangout. I have never really done a hangout before this and it was pretty cool.

I didn’t know what to expect going into it but as it turns out we just had a pretty cool conversation. In the video I share my thoughts on success and how to acquire your desires.

For the most part it all has to do with your mindset.   Keeping yourself in a high vibration and staying positive, optimistic and expecting great things is super powerful.

Our intention for this video is to share with the world perspective and hopefully inspire others to keep fighting for their dreams and just never give up. Check it out, hope you find some value and enjoy! 🙂

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