VIDEO: Two Planes Collide in Terrifying Skydiving Accident

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NBC Nightly News debuted exclusive footage Monday night of a skydiving stunt gone terribly wrong high above Wisconsin. When the two small planes carrying the daredevils collided, they were catapulted out prematurely as one of the planes crashed below.

“There was a chance we would be coming on the air tonight reporting the deaths of all 11 souls on board two aircraft that collided in midair this weekend,” Brian Williams reported. “But instead all on board survived thanks in large part to the fact that they were all skydivers and knew how the to jump and were prepared.”

 The footage comes from both inside the plane and on the jumpers’ helmets, capturing the frightening scene from many angles. All nine skydivers ended up landing safely and the pilot of the plane that lost its wing was able to eject and come with only a few small injuries.

“We were very, very lucky,” 64-year-old instructor and survivor of the crash Mike Robinson told NBC News. “Any time two planes collide in the air, it’s a potential disaster for everybody involved. So we were all very, very lucky here.”

Watch video below, via NBC:

 I believe it was simply a miracle that all 11 people involved in this accident survived. I can’t imagine being in this situation, thank goodness all the skydivers were experienced and prepared to jump with their parachutes.

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