What A Person Thinks They Become

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This is so true. What a person thinks they become.

We have to maintain a healthy, positive attitude to get positive results.

What we think and dwell on becomes our reality. If we start thinking about negatives, problems, why we can’t do something or why it is impossible, that becomes are reality.

Stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution.

It’s really amazing how much control we have over our mind, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Until we realize that; the power we possess to create our own reality, we haven’t really started living.

Be happy my friends. It’s not about what we have or where we come from, we can be happy. 🙂

Happiness is a decision. A choice.

Starting today you can love yourself, embrace yourself, think positive, be happy, feel joy and abundance, be grateful, and live in the moment.

Starting right now at this moment you can decide to make changes, shift your mind and thoughts to the things that benefit you, uplift you, make you happy, inspire you, and  strengthen your faith.

Here is a beautiful affirmation I learned from my mentor and friend that I say daily:

“I live in the moment with love, passion, purpose, and have faith that everything is going to happen perfectly.”

To truly make a difference in our lives and the world we have to start with ourselves. Start saying daily positive affirmations and realize the shift in your mind and reality.

Influence your subconscious mind to be happy, love, accept abundance, feel gratitude, create success, and start living the life of your greatest and wildest dreams.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve  imagined.” –Henry David Thoreau

 Everything you need to be happy, successful, and prosperous is already in your possession! Simply just decide to make it happen! 🙂

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  4. awesome post. Keep it up!

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